Saturn V 1:10 Scale Model

In 2012 we built the full-scale model of the  Apollo Command Module “Casper” … today, after five years we have built another fundamental piece of the historical Apollo program: the Saturn V rocket 1:10 scale model.

For our Association is not a “small step”!


    • Total length is 11 meters, maximum width 1 meter.
    • Materials used: polypropylene, forex, aluminum, PVC, hot-rolled and acetic.
    • Two-component paints, enamels and spry.
    • Twelve people were involved, four months for prototyping and designing, four months for the physical development and construction.

Thanks to:

Sara, Adriano, Diego, Antonio, Dario, Mauro,

Roberto, Riccardo, Eligio, Ivan, Massimo e Luigi.

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