Tom R. Chambers “My days at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory during Project Apollo”

Andrea Moise (Lunar Sample Laboratory manager) talks with Eunmi Cho, Chambers’s wife, in the Lunar Sample Laboratory. (Image courtesy of NASA.)
(May 25, 2016) Building 31 … after 44 years, I returned to Building 37 (Lunar Receiving Laboratory) at NASA (Houston) where I worked as a research analyst during the Apollo program, 1969-1972. The configuration of the interior of the building was totally different, but I did manage to walk these “hallowed” hallways, and meet some of the current personnel. Andrea Mosie, Lunar Lab Sample Laboratory manager is showing me one of the Lunar rock samples which is bagged and housed in a containment cabinet to prevent contamination. You notice we are wearing “bunny suits” to keep the area pristine. (Image courtesy of NASA.)
This image shows a schematic of the Lunar Receiving Laboratory (courtesy of LIFE magazine). The laboratory where Chambers worked is circled in red. (Image courtesy of LIFE magazine)
The author, Luigi Pizzimenti, inside the laboratories of the Lunar Samples, observing Genesis Rock (Apollo15). Behind him are Ryan Zeigler, Manager, Apollo Curator and Jennifer Knotts, Public Affairs Specialist at NASA.